glass top dining table by poundex

How to Properly Use the Glass Top Dining Table

Posted On: August 15, 2015 - By admin

Glass top table is the trend for many people. Many of them have been using this kind of table since long time ago. Using the glass table at home will give a special feeling because it looks elegant. The things you put on the table looks like floating on the […]

glass top coffee table rectangular

Glass Top Coffee Table for Simple Life

Posted On: August 15, 2015 - By admin

Coffee table is a table used to have a relaxing time. The size is smaller than the common tables you see in any homes or shops. This is called coffee table because people like to have coffee time by putting on the cups on this table. Coffee table is commonly […]

glass coffee table and end table set

Glass Coffee Table Treatments

Posted On: August 14, 2015 - By admin

Having a glass coffee table is a recommended choice because it can complete the corner of a room in your house. Besides, you can also place it in your patio. The glass top coffee table can be with or without frame. The frame is commonly from wood so you can […]

round glass dining table for sale

Flexible Round Glass Dining Table

Posted On: August 14, 2015 - By admin

Dining room is a favorite place of everyone. To support the best dining time, there should be the best dining table. If you look for a dining table, you can take the glass dining table. To make the shape flexible for all people, the round glass dining table can be […]

round glass coffee table with chrome legs

Round Glass Coffee Table for Backyard

Posted On: August 13, 2015 - By admin

If you plan to have a backyard, you will plan to have several items there. You plan to have the table, chairs, and other stuff to beautify the backyard. We recommend you to have round glass coffee table for your backyard. This is a perfect company for the sofa, bench, […]